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Starfire's Arrogance 908 ml
Starfire's Arrogance 908 ml

Starfire's Arrogance 908 ml

Curative Moisture Shampoo.

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Curative Moisture Shampoo

 Deep penetrating hydrators and botanicals restore moisture, softness & shine.

Sulfate free that preserves color

Arrogance, instead of stripping away natural oils, like strong action shampoos, this gentle cleansing elixir actually preserves natural oils and repairs damage.

It restores moisture and smooths roughed-up cuticles to keep hydration sealed in. Straw-like coats become soft and as smooth as silk. Dilutable 1 : 8 (water).

Available in 227ml and 908ml.

Check out the video how to use Starfire's Hydrating line properly !

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