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Starfire's Greed 227 ml
Starfire's Greed 227 ml

Starfire's Greed 227 ml

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The ULTIMATE treatment.

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The ULTIMATE treatment.

Nutrient infuser and power boost activator.Advanced nutrient delivery system that carries powerful vitamins, proteins and curative actives into the coat for optimal conditioning.

Greed’s rejuvenating formula is a rich blend of luxurious natural oils and protein.

This intensive masque deeply penetrates the hair leaving coats revitalized, hydrated and easy to manage.

Greed is the miracle treatment that restores health, radiance, volume and shine to dry coats…from within.

Instructions for use: Leave on 15 to 20 minutes minimum, and rinse with cool water.

Available in 227ml and 454ml. 

Check out the video of deep coat conditioning with Stripper & Greed !

Procedure with Starfire's Stripper shampoo and Starfire's Greed mask

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