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Starfire's Insolence 227 ml
Starfire's Insolence 227 ml

Starfire's Insolence 227 ml

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Curative Moisture Conditioner.

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Curative Moisture Conditioner.

 A Deeply Nourishing Treatment for Dry Hair that is both penetrating, and a hydrating combination of organic botanicals that restores moisture, softness and shine.

Preserves hair color. Insolence instantly quenches parched strands and surrounds the coat in an invisible aura of protection.

This cream smoothes down the hair’s cuticle, making dull hair brilliantly shiny. Never greasy or heavy—it smoothes static and tames flyways too.

 After shampooing, apply generously. Rinse with cold water.

Available in 227ml and 454ml.

Check out the video how to use Starfire's Hydrating line properly !

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