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ActiVac – Vacuum-shedder
ActiVac – Vacuum-shedder ActiVac – Vacuum-shedder ActiVac – Vacuum-shedder ActiVac – Vacuum-shedder ActiVac – Vacuum-shedder ActiVac – Vacuum-shedder

ActiVac – Vacuum-shedder

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Vacuum-cleaner attachment for all round tubes removes hair, dust, dander, parasites and other debris from pets, upholstery, car seats, clothes, etc.

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Mounting & Use Instruction


Attach directly to handpiece, for approx. 2.5 meters distance to vacuum motor noise.

Attach to telescopic tube, for approx. 3,5 meters distance to vacuum motor noise


Connect the ActiVac Active-Shedder to the vacuum cleaner using the flexible adaptor hose. The larger, adjustable end of the hose is intended for the vacuum side. To operate, hold hose end TIGHT and turn the cuff CLOCKWISE to TIGHTEN.



                                                                                                                                  Push suction-button in direction of arrow, simultaneously push lock-button  to the RIGHT to unlock; shedder blade will snap out from the housing. (For storage, push suction-button,and push lock-button to the LEFT to keep shedder blade safely inside housing).


Turn on vaccum, apply shedder blade using gentle, smooth strokes, going WITH THE GRAIN of the coat. Long coats: BRUSH COAT FIRST to tangle-free condition. Short coats: Simply apply shedder. The shedder blade will fill up with hair and debris quickly. Other surfaces (clothes, upholstery, etc.: Use Nobby-Comb instead of shedder blade       

If the shedder blade or nobby-comb has been filled to capacity,push suction-button forward,all hair and debris will be simply sucked away. Release suction button and repeat until desired result.

Should hair be stuck and not be sucked in by vacuum immediately, hold hand close to suction jet to increase speed of air flow. Even thick blobs of hair will be sucked in that way. To prevent this, push suction button more often. Please DO NOT treat wet or heavily soiled coats. Pre-brush longer coats.

To remove or exchange shedder blade or nobby-comb: First push to the right,then downward.

To mount shedder blade or nobby-comb: Insert carefully on the right,then push forward until the piece snaps into position on left.



Tipps & Tricks: 

  • Turn on vacuum motor with ActiVac at least 2 meters away from pet, approach pet with jet slowly. 
  • To get pet used to use of ActiVac tool, slide across coat with shedder blade in the locked position first, the turn away from pet, unlock blade, and try using with shedder  blade in use position.

  • Alternatively, use shedder without vacuum motor turned on first, turn on to suck    in hair with ActiVac turned away from pet, etc.

  • Use on dry coat only.

  • NEVER push suction button while shedder blade is inside the coat.

  • Consult a veterinarian before using ActiVac on pet s with illness or injuries.

  • Pests (fleas, mites, ticks) and dander, dust, etc. are simply sucked away.

  • The nobby-comb (for upholstery, carpet, car seats, clothing, etc.) can also be used for the coat care of dainty and sensitive pets.









1x jet shedder-blade & nobby-comb

1x flexible adaptor hose incl. special adaptor

































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